Squirrel Predators: What Animals Eat Squirrels?

Squirrels are small animals with sturdy hind legs. They can leap forward swiftly twice as compared to their body weight. Squirrels are expert tree climbers. They can stick themselves with a tree for a long time.

Moreover, squirrels are very intelligent rodents. Whenever a squirrel perceives a predator, it does not go into its proximity. Squirrels are small rodents; therefore, they have many predators. The biggest enemies of squirrel include red foxes, cats, bobcats, wild dogs, snakes, raccoons, eagles, and owls. Each of these predators can prey squirrels. Nevertheless, squirrels are not easy to catch and prey on. They have a quick sense of lurking danger and the advantage of climbing up trees.

Red Foxes Target Squirrels

Red foxes often hunt on various rodents. They kill hares, raccoons, opossums, and squirrels. However, squirrels are small creatures; therefore, foxes can easily catch them. Foxes often go hunting in packs. As squirrels are little creatures so a single fox can kill them. The small size of the rodents does not mean that they are insecure creatures. They can give a tough time to the preying animals.

Cats Often Look for Squirrels as Food

In addition to a wild fox, cats are another enemy to squirrels. Cats often look for easy victims. Hence, killing squirrels is not a challenging task for a cat. Domestic, as well as wild cats, can target squirrels. Squirrels often climb up trees to save their lives. Since cats can follow squirrels up to trees hence, they can slay them effortlessly. Moreover, cats approach squirrels’ nests and eat young ones of squirrels.

Wild Dogs Harm Squirrels

Wild dogs are another adversary to squirrels. Dogs naturally do not victimize squirrels. Nevertheless, when a dog is hungry for days, it can turn on killing squirrels. Mostly mad dogs attack squirrels in the field. It is difficult for dogs to catch a squirrel. Dogs do not know the art of ascending trees; hence they fail to catch a squirrel. Rarely a dog finds a squirrel.

Snakes Hunt on Squirrels

Apart from dogs, squirrels have snakes as their foes.

Snakes are creeping creatures with poisonous fangs. When a squirrel is out to the ground for a food snake may attack it suddenly. In most of the cases, squirrel successfully escapes the serpent attack. Sometimes, however, a snake kills them with venomous teeth.

Raccoons Attack Squirrels

Moreover, raccoons are also one of the predators of squirrels. They often attack squirrels and manage to devour them successfully. Raccoons have very sharp fingers that tear up squirrel flesh. Raccoons are large in comparison to squirrels; therefore, they can hunt them without fear.

Eagles are Enemies of Squirrels

An eagle may also attack squirrels. When eagles take a long flight and fail to catch any bird as prey, they come down the ground level to find squirrels. Eagles squeeze squirrels in claws and eat them to satisfy starvation.

In short, squirrels are cute animals found in gardens and forests. They have many predators. However, catching a squirrel is not an easy task. They can offer a tough time for the predators. In this way, squirrels avoid danger by climbing trees.

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